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Open Play

We charge admission for children only, no charge for adults. Any children over the height limit of 51″ will be considered an adult as they will be restricted to only areas an adult can access.


Lake Forest

Huntington Beach

Ticket Prices

  • 120 Minutes $21.00 per child
  • All Day Play $26.00 per child

What about infants?

If you plan on placing your infant (1 and under) down on the ground in our play area (especially in our large toddler area), then we will charge you the appropriate admission.

If you plan on holding your infant (less than 1) the ENTIRE time in a Bjorn or carrier, they will not be charged. However, any child 1 and above will be charged admission regardless if you decide to put the child in a Bjorn or carrier.  Children over 1 years of age and sleeping are still charged an entry ticket for admission.

We Play Loud Indoor Playground