Our goal is to make your party as easy and seamless as possible so you and your guests can focus on playing. We offer a standard package, but every party is completely customizable to your requirements. It is your party, after all. Book your party online or give us a call, and we’ll plan the best party ever!

Party Rooms

We have 2 birthday party rooms at both locations. All rooms are approximately 500 square feet each and has a maximum capacity of 55 guests.

Booking Times

Parties can be booked online or over the phone and choose from following 2-hour time slot options:
10am-12pm • 1pm-3pm • 4pm-6pm.


Cost is $495.00 and includes a 40 person guest list. Each additional guest can be added for $10 per person (up to 55 people).

Birthday FAQs

What should we bring for our party?

The party packages do NOT include food, birthday party decorations, or setup items (plates, cups, etc). You can bring in your own decorations and set up.

Please bring the following items:

  • Table Clothes – They are REQUIRED. Tables are 69″ long by 39″ wide. A standard rectangular tablecloth will work.  You need to bring with you 6 if you are having a party at Lake Forest or 7 if you are having a party at Huntington Beach based on how we have the party room tables laid out.
  • Utensils, Cups, and Plates
  • Any type of serving utensils and platters you may need
  • Decorations (Balloons, banners, etc.)
  • Food
  • Ice Chest & Ice

If you forget to bring cake cutters, utensils, etc. We Play Loud has many of these items and we can provide you during your party at an additional cost.

Can we bring in our own food or have it catered?

You can bring in outside food or have food delivered for you party. When you book your party we will send you a vendor list of local caterers around the area; but again you are more than welcome to use any outside food vendor you like for your party. We do not charge you service fees or outside food fees for your party like many birthday places do or make you buy their pizzas or food.  We want you happy with your food selections – so use whomever you like.

How many people can we have as guests?

You, your spouse, and your child(ren) do not count towards the 40 person guest count; so it’s a true 40 person guest list. Grandparents count as a guest, and each adult counts as an individual guest. Only infants that are in a carrier the ENTIRE time of the facility are not considered a guest towards your guest count.

If you book a double room party – which is very popular at our facility – you, your spouse, and your child(ren) do not count towards the guest count There is no increase allowance for more free guests if you book both rooms or a private event party.

What is the maximum number of guests for each room?

The maximum capacity of guests you can have booked for 1 birthday party room is 55 total guests. If you have 56 or more guests you will be REQUIRED to book the other birthday party room (another $495.00 for 2 hours). This is due to the occupancy capacity. There is no discounts for booking 2 rooms at once.

If you have 56 guests or more and do not book the additional room for the day of your party and the additional birthday room is not available because someone else booked that room – your party WILL BE CANCELLED. Occupancy rules are strictly followed!

Also if more than 55 guests arrive and you only booked one room they CAN NOT purchase general entry tickets as a work around. This is because those patrons will still go into the birthday room and this will go over capacity.

Do you have a refrigerator to store food?

We have commercial grade refrigerators and freezers to store items such as drinks and birthday cakes. Simply tell your party host the day you arrive for your party what items you would like stored in our refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to serve them in your party room. You CAN NOT drop off food, beverages, ice cream or birthday cakes prior to your party date!

When can we set up?

ONLY you, your spouse, your children & grandparents are allowed to come 30 minutes earlier to the start time of your party to help with setup. You will see a “Reserved” parking sign with your child’s name on it…please park there. Your party host will see you parking in your spot and meet you out there to help you bring in all your items.They will introduce themselves, show you their checklist of items, and will help you decorate as well. This way your party is ready to go during your party start time.

Aunts, uncles, friends, and other relatives will not be permitted until the booked time of the party. Your guests will be checked in no earlier than the start time of your birthday party. You can arrived 30 minutes before we open, and your children can be playing on the equipment and having fun while we set up your birthday room; but NO GUESTS will be allowed to enter the facility until your party start time.

When can food be delivered?

You can bring all your food, beverages and cake items the day of your party.  If you are having food vendors deliver items to your party, you can ONLY have them delivered to our facility the day of your party and only during the hours of your party – not before and not after. You must be present to sign for any food delivering as We Play Loud will NOT sign off on any food vendors that deliver on your behalf.

We do not have microwaves or ovens at our facility to keep food warm.  You can bring warmers, sternos, and crockpots if you like for your party.

What is NOT allowed?

  • No alcohol is permitted in the facility. No wine, no champagne, no beer, no liquor etc.
  • Smoking & vapor cigarettes are NOT permitted. If you or any of your guest smoke, they must do so 150 feet away from the main entry of our building.
  • No pets are allowed in the facility unless they are special tagged dogs for handicap and adults with special needs.
  • Food trucks are NOT permitted for a birthday party. We do not want children and adults going in and out the facility for food.
  • Piñatas are not allowed.

What is your payment policy?

Price –  $495.00 per room for 2 hours. Additional guests over the allotted amount can be added for $10 per person. Each room has a maximum capacity of 55 guests.

Deposit – When you book your party online, you will be required to put 50% of the value of your party as a deposit in order to hold and lock the room for your party. The deposit is NONREFUNDABLE & NONTRANSFERABLE. If you need to move your party date or time, we can do that but it is dependent on whether the new date and time is available and not booked by another person. Keep in mind, you lose your deposit and a new deposit will have to be placed. Cancelled parties, payments or deposits can not and will not be transferred to open play admission.

Final Payment – Final payment of your birthday party will be made at the end of your party. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.  We also accept Cash as final payment. We DO NOT accept personal or business checks or money orders.

After Hours – Because our facility normally closes at 6pm, the after hour rates apply at a cost of $500 per 30 minutes. If your party and guests have not vacated the party room and leave the facility by 6:15pm, you will be automatically charged by our computer system an additional $500. Your party host will notify you 15 minutes before your party time is over to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Can I book the whole facility?

We do have “Private Bookings” where you can book our whole facility and staff for up to 200 guests. Please email for more information.

Do you offer discounts for repeat bookings?

We do not offer discounts for booking parties again, as our customers see and experience a true turn key service from start to finish. Our facility and staff stand out from the competition. At We Play Loud, our party pricing is typically far less than our competitors and our service far, far superior. We are the highest rated and most rated indoor children’s playground in Orange County, CA.